Planning application at 1 - 11 Layton Avenue, Blaxland, NSW

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Michael Begg
Annette LEGGE
Planning application at 1 - 11 Layton Avenue, Blaxland, NSW
June 29, 2016, 11:59 a.m.
Re: Environmental Impact of Blaxland McDonalds Carpark Entry/Exit & Layton Ave

I regret that I was not able to contact Council earlier to comment on the Development Proposal relating to McDonalds at Blaxland. Unfortunately I was in hospital and this is really the first opportunity I have had to make my position known.
Basically, I share the same view of other members of my family at No.s 23, 25 and 27 Layton Ave Blaxland. Our concerns relate primarily to safety issues but also to environmental factors as well.
Whilst living just down the road from the existing McDonalds over the past 9 months, since moving here last September, we have noticed:

1. Traffic congestion/ blockage of Layton Ave to through traffic at the entrance/exit to McDonalds caused by the poor set out of Layton Ave from the Gt Western Hwy to the McDonalds entrance. It is a one-lane road that is blocked by;
a) Patrons queuing to enter McDonalds that form a line of stopped traffic back to the Gt Western Hwy due to lack of parking in McDonalds and the drive through service driveway being backed right up to the entrance not allowing patrons entry.
b) The fact that patrons park on the side of Layton Ave between the Gt Western Hwy and the McDonalds entrance not allowing through traffic to pass to the left side of the line of cars queued to enter McDonalds.
This section of Layton Ave from the Gt Western Hwy to the McDonalds entrance should be dual lanes with a right turn only lane for the entrance into McDonalds. There should be no parking along this section of road so that through traffic can pass by the patrons lined up waiting to enter the McDonalds car park.

2. Many vehicles turning into our driveways to do a U-turn, sometimes proving to be a hazardous action with obstruction to oncoming traffic and near accident misses

3. A significant amount of litter, as customers of McDonalds walk past and dispose of their rubbish, McDonalds packaging etc by throwing it onto our front lawn/s and leaving it at the bus stop seat/bench at the front of 27 Layton Ave.

4. Due to the location of the existing entry/exit to McDonalds, near or on the bend about 40 metres from the traffic lights at the intersection of the Great Western Hwy and Layton Ave, there is a real and great risk of accidents involving both cars and pedestrians. This is particularly problematic during the afternoons at the end of the school day, evenings as commuters travel home from work and, especially on weekends any time of the day or evening. We have witnessed and experienced traffic jams all the way down Layton Ave from the McDonalds car park entry/exit, sometimes to the Stop Sign just before the underpass.

It is my/our view that the location of this entrance/exit should be given serious consideration as part of any Development Proposal/Application. Given that there is a large parcel of vacant land in front of McDonalds on the Great Western Highway, perhaps if this land was made available to McDonalds to purchase from the RTA (presuming such land is owned by the RTA) and McDonalds was willing to purchase this land, then that would be a much more suitable location for a car park entry/exit. It would be far safer to access and less intrusive on nearby residents.

Please consider these points in your appraisal of McDonalds Development Proposal and as part of your overall town planning to ensure improved safety and better traffic flow generally, thank you.

Kind regards
Annette Legge and family

From Annette LEGGE to local councillor Michael Begg


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Planning Application for 1 - 11 Layton Avenue, Blaxland, NSW

Description: Additions and alterations to the existing mcdonald's operation

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Best wishes,

Michael Begg
June 29, 2016, 11:07 p.m.
Dear Annette and family,
Thank you for your detailed submission that I will fully consider before making any vote on the matter.

Best wishes
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