Planning application at 1-5 Elizabeth Street Melbourne 3000

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Cathy Oke
Margaret Rowles
Planning application at 1-5 Elizabeth Street Melbourne 3000
Oct. 24, 2018, 4:29 a.m.
I would want some questions answered about the City of Melbourne wanting to upgrade and enhance the outlook of the FLinders Street Elizabeth Street intersection. I assume that the City was wanting to make this area more tourist /resident friendly with the upgrade of the iconic station and corner of Elizabeth Street. How does extending hours of a strip club enhance this upgrade. Another fear is more unsavoury activity in the two lanes surrounding this building. If Gentlemans Dream Nightclub want people spilling onto the street at 5am when joggers and commuters are starting their day I would like to see more movement detection lighting/ CCTV cameras fitted to laneways to deter unsociable activities and protect patrons and deter drug addicts other homeless people who reside in the area.

From Margaret Rowles to local councillor Cathy Oke


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Planning Application for 1-5 Elizabeth Street Melbourne 3000

Description: Amendment to Condition 1 (i) and Condition 2

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