Planning application at 1 Duckett Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

Richard Burt sent a message to Sue Bolton.

Sue Bolton
Richard Burt
Planning application at 1 Duckett Street, Brunswick VIC 3056
Aug. 14, 2018, 11:47 a.m.
Sorry, but neither apartments or this development is giving anything back to the local community.

This is about money.

And if you think buyers who sign up aren’t going to try and park on street and dramatically add to existing parking congestion, your the mother of all optimists. Ride a bike or drive around the area, it’s a nightmare. I ride Sydney Rd Mon-Fri, everyone of these oversized, extreme developments make my commute infinitely more dangerous. Enough is enough, stop the blatant overdevelopment. We have to live here developers take the money and run.

From Richard Burt to local councillor Sue Bolton


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Planning Application for 1 Duckett Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

Description: Development of the land for seven buildings, with a maximum height of eight storeys and including 210 dwellings and 8 commercial tenancies, use of the land for dwellings and a reduction of the standard car parking requirement and partial closure of Duckett Street

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