Planning application at 1 Josephson Street, Swansea NSW 2281

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Planning application at 1 Josephson Street, Swansea NSW 2281
Feb. 1, 2017, 9:26 a.m.
• MP HOENIG'S success knocking similar DA's.

• Police Rec's on this DA.(1 Josephson St, Swansea.)

• Crime Risk Assessment on this DA.

• 9 ONLY NOTIFIED & allowed to attend Developers Private Meeting on this DA.

• RP DATA Pic of Swansea.

• INVITATION to Public Meeting.

• Social Media Invitation.

• LMCC Swansea Streetscape Master Plan.

• Crime Risk Assessment Recommendations - more details.

HOW CAN YOU - HELP US (CROS - Concerned Residents Of Swansea) STOP INAPPROPRIATE LAKE MACQUARIE CITY COUNCIL (LMCC) DA: 1 JOSEPHSON ST, SWANSEA for a 3 storey Private Boarding House + Supervisor/Manager Onsite. 

Re LMCC DA: 1 Josephson St, Swansea, NSW & Private Boarding House + Supervisor Onsite - NOT to be confused with Swansea local Doctor's LMCC DA for 3 Josephson St redevelopment for dental practice next door.

PS: Where local Dr's LMCC DA for 3 Josephson St, Swansea for a dental practice has just (apparently) had ADDED ON COMPLIANCE Requirements by LMCC...

Re LMCC DA for 1 Josephson St, Swansea: 

- 2 LMCC councillors declared conflict in late Nov '16. (22nd/25th Nov '16)

- Submissions Closed 3.1.17. When most locals away on family/holiday visits.

DA 1 Josephson St, Swansea - for 3 Storey Private Boarding House + Manager/Supervisor Onsite and located opposite public school, public pool and Swansea foreshore; this would destroy our unique family, retirees, cyclists and tourists haven that been apart of our Swansea community for generations.

Member for Swansea, Yasmin Catley MP; said she would organise the FIRST public meeting. Then apparently overnight she cancelled this and since  seemingly not wanting to be involved at all.

No reply from MP for Shortland, Pat Conroy yet, despite my weekly emails to him.

For Swansea residents and locals please write your Submission letters to LMCC and include your feedback For or Against this DA and reasons based under PLANNING objections like Swansea Density, Setback,  Amenity, Traffic fallout and streetscape etc for whether you support this DA or not....

Going by Mayor Kay Frasers regular report in THE STAR newspaper Wed 18.1.17 that more then 1,100 Written Submissions needed (re Pelican Jetty Not Be Moved 150m East to carpark - as damaged from superstorm) to knock this location as inappropiate and 1,100 written submissions needed from Swansea locals Opposing this LMCC DA for 1 Josephson St, Swansea...

Demographic: Swansea includes many 1 level miner shacks, small family homes, retirees and Sydney downsizers with child friendly waterfront, swimming areas, cricket pitches on grassed sporting fields; picnic areas plus public amenities with playgrounds within 50-100 metre radius walk.

● "Swansea is built upon a tidal sand flat." Ex Swansea MP, Robert Coombs.

3 storey Paris Apartments next to Swansea Bridge and foreshore has no retaining wall. Wether dredging, subsidence, and possibly responsible for foreshore recurring sinkholes, subsidence and cracking fissures in cement pedestrians/cyclists pathways and pavers uprooting and overhang next to Swansea Jetties?

● Tourism & Education To Replace Mining As Australia's Top Growth Industries.
● Tourism Boom Can Help Replace Mining Boom With The Right Strategy. Tourism & Transport Forum.
● Tourism Will Replace The Resources Boom In Australia If We Get It Right. 

We genuinely believe this DA isn't appropriate for Swansea; and contributions to community enrichment and nurturing in a positive and meaningful way that benefits us all.


Thus Ministers; you each are invited to personally attend and speak at:


25th February 2017. Saturday.

10am for 10.30am start. 
Pensioners Hall, 
Josephson St, Swansea.



I, personally sat in street outside Woolies & Coles for 2 weeks including all of New Years Day in 30+°C.

Seeking your assistance in HOW TO BEST LEGALLY KNOCK THIS ON THE HEAD and for your PERSONAL attendance to speak and listen to locals whom majority are AGAINST the LMCC DA for 1 Josephson St, Swansea.

- 1,300+ already have signed our Opposing Petition.

From Sykvia Lee 1. to local councillor Ken Paxinos


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Planning Application for 1 Josephson Street, Swansea NSW 2281

Description: Mixed Use Boarding House/ Commercial Development

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