Planning application at 1 Josephson Street, Swansea NSW 2281

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Chad Griffith
Greg Talbot
Planning application at 1 Josephson Street, Swansea NSW 2281
Jan. 23, 2017, 5:55 a.m.
Having been born and bred, raised my children and now retired all in the Swansea Caves Beach area, I thought the lack of support from both state government and local council for this beautiful area might one day turn around, but obviously was wrong. How could they consider placing an oversized mixed use boarding house on prime land surrounded by school, shops, retirement villages and houses, with very little transparency on what these rooms are to be used for and how they will be of benefit to our community. We all seem to forget that Swansea is the gateway to the city of Lake Maquarie. I strongly object to the proposal at 1 Josephson street and will eagerly be awaiting some form of reply .

From Greg Talbot to local councillor Chad Griffith


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Planning Application for 1 Josephson Street, Swansea NSW 2281

Description: Mixed Use Boarding House/ Commercial Development

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