Planning application at 1 Magdalena Place, Rowville VIC 3178

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Nicole Seymour
Stephen Mead
Planning application at 1 Magdalena Place, Rowville VIC 3178
Jan. 3, 2017, 2:11 a.m.

you seem to misunderstand the point of this information and this comment option - It's not a political soap-box - it's for your views on specific developments. As for this particular development proposal - it's not in Cr Seymours (Tirhatuan/Rowville) Ward it's in Cr Pearces (Taylor/Rowville) Ward. As a close follower of Council decisions I believe Cr Seymour has voted against development far more often than Cr Pearce. If you have an issue with Development in Rowville you need to take it up with BOTH Councillors not just one.


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Planning Application for 1 Magdalena Place, Rowville VIC 3178

Description: Proposed five townhouses

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