Planning application at 1 Marcel Avenue Coogee NSW 2034

Stephen Hill sent a message to Kiel Smith.

Kiel Smith
Stephen Hill
Planning application at 1 Marcel Avenue Coogee NSW 2034
Aug. 23, 2017, 5:52 a.m.
Hello Kiel and all Randwick councillors, I would like to re-iterate the comments of Andrew. I am a resident of Marcel Ave and have been so for over 20 years. This proposal is a massive overdevelopment of the site and will be a huge blight on Marcel Ave. Besides all the breaches of the LEP (and there are numerous) this large bulky building will seriously impact the outlook of the neighbours, neighbourhood and dominate the space of the surrounding area. At a height of 12 metres, a flat roof, square shaped building, it will be an eyesore and by no means lies within the character of the street (but it is actually an avenue and therefore this sort of development should never be allowed). Number 3 Marcel Ave has a height restriction of 9 metres so how can this be achieved if the flat roof is not stepped down from the boundary between 1 and 3? The 12 metre height appears to be maintained across the entire frontage. The different lots should be treated separately at least.
The eastern end of Marcel Ave, including Moira Cres, is a Heritage Conservation Area (HCA) with Bungalow style buildings. This development should fall into this style of building with terracotta tiles on pitched roofs. The height of the building should be restricted to the same as per the other houses on this side of the street. It is beyond my comprehension how the current R3 zoning for 1-3 Marcel Ave was ever approved. It should be changed or restricted in some way.
Marcel Ave is a narrow street, especially at the eastern end. As noted above, I have been a resident of this street for over 20 years and observed continual increase in traffic and reduced parking over this time. The street is now a hazard for the many children who do live in the street. The street had a real family feel about it for many years but this has slowly eroded as more and more traffic traverse the street and cars look for parking from neighbouring streets, especially Carrington Rd, which has been the subject of continual unit block development. Many of these residents have to find parking in Marcel Ave so you can’t blame them. Add a unit block of this size and parking will be more of a nightmare. Additional traffic and the congestion will pose will be a risk to children playing in the street and as parents we want them to have the opportunity to run around outside not restricted to indoors, stuck on PlayStation and Xbox’s.
I and many other residents of Marcel Ave and the neighbouring streets would like to this development brought back in line with the current character and look of the street. Not a massive unit block that will have ongoing impacts. We want to make a stand and do hope you will support us on this.

From Stephen Hill to local councillor Kiel Smith


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Planning Application for 1 Marcel Avenue Coogee NSW 2034

Description: Demolition of the existing dwellings & erection of a part 3, part 4 storey residential flat building with basement parking & associated landscaped works.

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Kiel Smith
Aug. 24, 2017, 12:34 a.m.
Thank you for your email. I note your concerns. Council is currently assessing this development application in accordance with its obligations under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. The assessment will look at performance of the development against the relevant planning instruments including the Randwick Local Environment Plan and the Randwick Development Control Plan. Also considered will the the submissions from surrounding residents. At the completion an assessment report will be prepared. If you contact the Councillors they can request to see this report before approval or refusal is determined. The Councillors can call the DA before a full meeting of the Council for determination if they do not believe the report adequately considers your concerns.

As I am not standing for re-election at the imminent September 9 elections I will no longer be a Councillor when this report is finalised. Can I therefore recommend you make sure that my successor is made aware of your objections post the election.


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