Planning application at 1 Marcel Avenue Coogee NSW 2034

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Murray Matson
Planning application at 1 Marcel Avenue Coogee NSW 2034
Aug. 22, 2017, 11:18 a.m.
This proposal is an overdevelopment of site Marcel Ave does not suit this type of ridiculous overdevelopment. This DA is in breach of limitations set in the LEP it is well over the height and over the FSR the floor ratio.
The development is completely out of character in close proximity to a conservation area.
If anyone knows Marcel Ave this road has become almost a one way street with daily near car collisions causing hazards to drivers there is no parking left, due to the ongoing apartments being built in close by Carrington Rd. This Ave is already at full capacity and this type of high density development including a 4 storey building in a beautiful area such as Marcel Ave will change the face of Randwick forever.
There are no other buildings like this on the same side of the road all buildings are in keeping with the conservation area at the other end. The residents in the area are strongly opposed to such a gross proposal that is lacking in design and not in keeping with the neighbouring Classic Californian bungalows.
There is also serious concern with the stormwater which has not been accounted for when there is flash flooding from Clovelly Rd after heavy rainfall that floods between No 1 and 3 Marcel Ave.
Not to mention the loss of privacy, loss of sunlight that all bordering properties both on Marcel and Carrington Rd will be immediately affected by in negative way.
Both numbers 1 and 3 Marcel Ave have different heights and floor ratios therefore should be treated as two seperate developments and not combined as one large overdevelopment. The LEP has not been adhered to or respected in this application.

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Planning Application for 1 Marcel Avenue Coogee NSW 2034

Description: Demolition of the existing dwellings & erection of a part 3, part 4 storey residential flat building with basement parking & associated landscaped works.

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Murray Matson
Aug. 22, 2017, 3:46 p.m.
Hello Andrew

I have asked the Council's planning staff to notify me when they have completed the merit assessment of this proposal so that I can study their recommendation.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson 0409-984-587 @murraymatson