Planning application at 1 Sherrin Court, Cleveland, QLD

Lansing Hawkins sent a message to Paul Golle.

Paul Golle
Lansing Hawkins
Planning application at 1 Sherrin Court, Cleveland, QLD
Nov. 29, 2016, 11:21 p.m.
Dear Cr Mitchell --

Although I appreciate your taking your valuable time to reply, it appears that your reply does not address Mr Pendrey's concern that:
There is inadequate on-site parking to be allocated on the developed property.

Cr Mitchell's answer: He is "sure that all normal parking laws need to be adhered to."

Cr Mitchell's reply skirts the issue at hand.

Summary: If the existing laws/regulations are inadequate, they should be changed and not used as excuses to "legitimize" their inadequacy.

From Lansing Hawkins to local councillor Paul Golle


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Planning Application for 1 Sherrin Court, Cleveland, QLD

Description: Combined MCU & OPW Multiple Dwellings x 4

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