Planning application at 10 Heathcote St Marion

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Kris Hanna
Geoffrey Wells
Planning application at 10 Heathcote St Marion
Jan. 5, 2019, 1:01 p.m.
The old SA state legislation, for well over the last 10 years , actually prohibited the relevant planning authorities (usually councils) from taking most, if not all, of these issues you mention into consideration when trying to alter or withhold approval from these development. If the council did disallow or seek to alter the applications, and were then taken to the ERDC court on any of those issues mentioned - the councils often incured legal fees of $15K - $80K a time , just to get immediately overrulled and then have developers, state politicians and individuals decry the waste of ratepayer's money and the difficulty of getting development approval.
That "red tape" that state politicians said held development back, was very often the legislated attempts to take into account the views of the actual community that surrounded the development, that "red tape" is now also essentially removed by the new state legislation.
I can build a 2 storey townhouse within 2m of my neighbours boundary, and council is actually in breach of the law if it attempts to directly notify my neighbour even just of its reciept of that approval of that Cat 1 development, much less divulge the details or the unavoidable approval of that development.
The new state legislation of now removes the ownership of the approval process from local authorities to the state government. --- Its not going to get any better,--- blaming the council just lets the state government off the hook.
If people think the council brings in appreciably more rates due to residential lowrise/medium density development, you are just running the developers propaganda for them, its not actually the case - if you go through the council budgets its quite obvious, it will need to increase rates because the council does need to upgrade stormwater but under state legislation IT CANNOT charge the 100's of single site developers whose incremental development makes the upgrade neccessary.
Small disclaimer: I do not, and never have worked for the marion council, and this is not to be taken as professional planing advice.

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Planning Application for 10 Heathcote St Marion

Description: Land Division Residential Torrens 1 into 3 Allotments and the construction of three, single storey row dwellings

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