Planning application at 10 Heathcote St Marion

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Kris Hanna
Karen Kurczak
Planning application at 10 Heathcote St Marion
Jan. 4, 2019, 3:58 a.m.
The zoning for this street ( when I owned 10 Heathcote St) was supposed to be two single story dwellings. Parking in Heathcote Street and Larkdale Ave is already stressed with the amount of cars. I object to not being informed of the application or determination. I will consider taking legal action if any housing is built directly on my boundary at 6 Larkdale Ave.

The Marion Council is not taking into any consideration the massive impact on stormwater, street parking, noise pollution or lack of private green space with the amount of demolitions and crowding of gutter to gutter properties. Parking and noise is already problematic with the traffic from Marion Shopping Centre and the Aquatic Centre.

Public consultation needs to become more of a priority over council rate greed.

From Karen Kurczak to local councillor Kris Hanna


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Planning Application for 10 Heathcote St Marion

Description: Land Division Residential Torrens 1 into 3 Allotments and the construction of three, single storey row dwellings

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