Planning application at 10 Lewis Pl, Woombye, QLD

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Jenny McKay
Linda Addona
Planning application at 10 Lewis Pl, Woombye, QLD
Aug. 5, 2016, 6:49 a.m.
To Whom This May Concern

I am writing in regards to the Development Application MCU16/0166 for 10 Lewis Place - Dual Occupancy. We live in the block directly east of 10 Lewis Place on Plantation Rise Drive. We are concerned about the height of the proposed duplex, especially the duplex designated Unit 1 in the Proposal Plans. We object to the height of the upper level and the deck of this unit, as this unit is on the slope well above us and will be looking directly over our back yard and into our alfresco area, resulting in no privacy and negatively impacting on the amenity of our block. Unit 1 is positioned in such a way that it is very close to our property and this coupled together with the height of the duplex and the terraced block prevents any landscaping solutions or other privacy measures to be effective.
We note that while privacy and overlooking in relation to the blocks north and south of the subject lot are discussed in the proposal description (Pg 3 Covering Letter), privacy and overlooking in relation to the blocks on Plantation Rise Drive to the east of the subject block have not been discussed, and perhaps have not been assessed. Of particular concern is the orientation of four large glass sliding doors and four alfresco areas directly to the east, which, coupled with the steep slope, will leave us with little privacy. We are also worried about the potential for noise issues from these four alfresco areas so close to our house. We are concerned the privacy and overlooking and other amenity issues in relation to more than half the properties that border onto the subject block haven’t been included in this application for Council to consider when assessing to increase occupancy and development intensity.
It also appears from the elevation drawings that that we will no longer have any views to the west, which is one of the main reasons we bought our block of land and built on it. While we expected we might lose some views when a house was built on 10 Lewis Place, however, the proposed two separate duplexes will leave us with little to no views or privacy.

We request that Council rejects this application for Dual Occupancy on the basis that privacy and overlooking and other amenity issues in relation to more than half the properties that border onto the subject block haven’t been assessed or considered during the proposal design. We submit that the steepness of the block would largely mean any duel occupancy proposal would unreasonably and unavoidably impact on neighbours, and that the proposed density would leave few options for remediation of these impacts.
Kind Regards
Linda Addona and David Stevenson

From Linda Addona to local councillor Jenny McKay


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Planning Application for 10 Lewis Pl, Woombye, QLD

Description: 10 Lewis Pl WOOMBYE - Dual Occupancy & Stormwater, Drainage Works, Earthworks, Landscaping, Retaining Walls & Driveways - Vanderlei and Rebecca Natal

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Jenny McKay
Aug. 10, 2016, 4:34 a.m.
Good afternoon Linda

Please note Julie Edwards comments below.

If you have any further quires, can you please direct them to her in the first instance.


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From: Julie Edwards
Sent: Tuesday, 9 August 2016 11:38 AM
To: Cr Jenny McKay <>
Cc: Michael Vockenson <>
Subject: FW: Planning application at 10 Lewis Pl, Woombye, QLD

Cr Jenny,
I presume you have advised the neighbour that you have passed on this matter to Council.

For your information, I have met with the planner dealing with this matter and run through your ratepayer's concerns. The dual occupancy is on an exceptionally large residential lot (1545 m2) and easily able to locate the two detached dwellings. The location could easily have contained an very large dwelling within 2 m of the rear boundary and had overlooking windows in the eastern wall.

However, the proposed outcome is undoubtedly a better outcome in that the duplex (both buildings) is not massive in scale, uses the fall of the land to split the levels of the house, is well under the height limit. The duplex closest to Ms Addona is set at least 7.5 m back from their common boundary, measured from the outside patio. Further, there is a retaining wall which partially encloses the outside living area and will assist with privacy between the properties. The split level nature of the proposed dwelling, using the fall of the land, means that the scale of the house is much reduced and closer to that of a single storey house.

It meets the code requirements and is an acceptable outcome on a residential parcel, particularly considering that this higher part of the site might have been used for a full 2 storey mansion on a 2 m setback form their boundary.


Julie Edwards | Manager
Development Services
Planning and Environment Department | Sunshine Coast Council
Phone: 07 5475 9878
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How is the best to address this concerns. Thanks. Jenny