Planning application at 10 Markham Avenue Ashburton VIC 3147

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Kevin Chow
A. Walker
Planning application at 10 Markham Avenue Ashburton VIC 3147
Nov. 6, 2016, 3:02 a.m.
We have received reliable information that plans have been drafted to redevelop the Markham Avenue site which was home to 54 public housing units. The planned development will consist of a cluster of buildings ranging in height from two storey townhouses, three storey, four storey, five storey and six storey apartment buildings to accommodate a total of 252 units of which 62 will be public housing units. The remaining 190 units will be sold-off to private buyers.

It is my understanding that this application will not be subject to council approval and the application documents will be signed off by the minister for planning after the process of community consultation has been completed. There will be no opportunity to appeal the development through VCAT.

Many people in the community, particularly those living close to Markham Avenue are very concerned that a high-density, overdevelopment of this size and scale bordering a fragile but significant biodiversity corridor and public space will have a significant impact on the privacy of those living in the surrounding area. Markham Avenue is a narrow street and there are concerns about the volume of traffic. It is of further concern that the development may not have sufficient allocated parking spaces to meet demand as only 31 out of the 62 public housing units will have a carpark on title. This could create a problem with spillover parking onto the neighbouring streets. There are also concerns that cars belonging to people living in the complex who are unable to access a carpark on site will occupy parking spaces set aside for visitors to the playground in Victory Boulevard and the sporting ground that is adjacent to the development.

Many people in the community are disappointed that they were not consulted about this project during the concept stage before the plans were drawn up as the land could have been utilised for other purposes such as a new primary school to meet the needs of a growing population of primary school age children or even an aged-care facility. '

I also need to mention that Kevin Chow, Councillor for Solway Ward has stepped down and has been replaced by Garry Thompson.

From A. Walker to local councillor Kevin Chow


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Planning Application for 10 Markham Avenue Ashburton VIC 3147

Description: Preliminary Lodgement

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