Planning application at 10 See Street Kingsford NSW 2032

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Ted Seng
Planning application at 10 See Street Kingsford NSW 2032
Aug. 13, 2017, 11:17 a.m.
The council has approved so many boarding houses in kingsford & randwick that it has changed the look and feel of the suburb into a family oriented to student disorientated area. A three(3) storey high boarding house visually looks out of character beside the more common one(1) to two (2) storey houses in the suburb. Not to mention the reduced natural sun in the neighbouring footpath and roads.

Since the increased approval of boarding houses, I have observed more illegal dumping of furniture and competition for street parking space. In these particular areas of students as the main clientele, they are short term residents and do not care about the look and feel of the suburbs. This adds to the council costs to clean up and ultimately passed onto the residents to pay for cleaning up of others inconsiderate dumping of rubbish.

The council and state planning laws have only addressed the issue of shortage of housing accommodation, but has typically not planned for additional vehicles & residents requiring additional parking, and public transportation infrastructure. How is it possible you approve a house with 15 plus bedrooms that does not require for onsite parking within the house or land? If these tenants can pay $400-$450 per week in rent, what makes you think they can't purchase a cheap vehicle and leave outside street parking. I'm fed up looking for street parking when I use my work vehicle and also sick and tired of people parking in front of my driveway constantly especially on Friday, Saturday nights when going for dinner all due to your lack of planning and lack of requirement for the builder to provide onsite parking. No matter how many times I have placed signs and called the council. Sometimes I can get negative objections from these drivers. There have also been several abandoned vehicles left for months before being reported and legally towed away.

This development can negatively impact the value of the properties in the area if more boarding houses are approved. Ultimately if the council approves more of these houses, it will change the pleasant family suburb to a visually unpleasant suburb of disproportionate housing level and architecture and more rubbish and less parking.

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Planning Application for 10 See Street Kingsford NSW 2032

Description: Demolition of all existing structures on site and the subsequent construction of a three storey SEPP affordable rental housing (boarding house) development , comprising 17 rooms with associated bicycle, motorcycle and car parking and landscape works

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