Planning application at 100 Chum Street New Chum QLD 4303

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Kerry Silver
Wendy Davidson
Planning application at 100 Chum Street New Chum QLD 4303
July 25, 2018, 6:39 a.m.
I oppose the MCU application from Cleanaway

Alternative sites for dumping should be sought by Cleanaway away from the Ipswich area. Five sites currently operate and are competing for Qld waste. We as residents do not want to live in the dumping capital of Australia. Nor do our children. Ipswich council, state government including DES do nothing to deflect these applications and welcome others to do their investigations, taking applicants reporting as breakthrough technology. Waste is pollution. Waste is not to be classified as green and recycled. It does not belong in airspace through our front window. We have had enough of these industries who pollute, expand and leave. We have had damage from mining, floods and waste companies. Pull the plug now.

From Wendy Davidson to local councillor Kerry Silver


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Planning Application for 100 Chum Street New Chum QLD 4303

Description: Material Change of Use - Special Industry (Waste recycling, reprocessing and disposal - regulated waste recycling, reprocessing, storage and treatment or disposal)

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