Planning application at 100 Ocean View Drive, Wamberal NSW 2260

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Craig Doyle
Richard Abrahams
Planning application at 100 Ocean View Drive, Wamberal NSW 2260
Aug. 21, 2016, 3:45 a.m.
Gosford Council is using current legislation to approve any development that is submitted. They claim and advertise their commitment to the community, I believe their only commitment is to the development community and not the community or environment at large, The supporting submissions lodged with the development application would to the casual reader appear to be compliant, but are they? The application should not only meet the demands of current legislation but should also plan for the future (nine one bedroom units (boarding house) and its current design do little to enhance the aesthetics of this wonderful suburb. Whilst there is nine units there appears to be a deficiency in parking provisions.The surrounding streets are narrow and street parking prohibits smooth travelling through these streets, and Council is providing footpath parking for residents in some areas. The existing structure over the years has not been maintained and has become derelict, a new building would improve this situation but a nine one bedroom boarding house should not have been considered, but may advantage the developer to over capitalise on this site.
Perhaps Council could negotiate a better use with the developer to enhance the area and still return a profit to the developer. A boarding house is not considred an appropriate use or development of this site.

From Richard Abrahams to local councillor Craig Doyle


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Planning Application for 100 Ocean View Drive, Wamberal NSW 2260

Description: Boarding House

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