Planning application at 1058 Toorak Road Camberwell VIC 3124

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Coral Ross
Craig Andrew
Planning application at 1058 Toorak Road Camberwell VIC 3124
Jan. 2, 2017, 8:53 p.m.
Councillors of Boorondara must consider whether their ratepaying residents whom they represent choose to live in the area because of multiple constructions of this type. The answer will be a resounding no. Local businesses nearby such as Glen Iris Milk Bar, Leo's Fine Foods, Monacos Delicatessen are all supported by 2 x high density dwellings in Camberwell Junction, the apartments at Ferndale Park, multiple sub divided units in and along Toorak road such as Dickens Street to name a few. Then for public services as one example, Hartwell Primary already has 4 sometimes 5 x 25+ student Prep intakes every year.

So if the answer is no, then why does council choose to be unrepresentative to ratepayers and its constituents - those they are elected to represent?

From Craig Andrew to local councillor Coral Ross


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Planning Application for 1058 Toorak Road Camberwell VIC 3124

Description: Construction of forty five dwellings (45) over four (4) lots

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