Planning application at 11 Bergman Street, Samford Village QLD 4520

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Darren Grimwade
John Grant Ross
Planning application at 11 Bergman Street, Samford Village QLD 4520
Jan. 9, 2019, 10:43 a.m.
As a resident of 25 years at nearby 19 Progress Street, I am totally opposed to what’s planned at 11 Bergman Street in Samford Village. Unit developments are inconsistent with the Samford town plan bringing as they do additional vehicle traffic dangers to any suburb where they are built. We have tolerated subdivisions for houses and granny flats in recent years but units are certainly not suitable and we as a growing group of angry residents will campaign strongly against any proposal for units threatening our lifestyles. There is ample space and land for units in other parts of The Moreton Regional council area and they have already been established in suburbs like Brendale. Councillors supporting units in Samford will do so at their electoral peril when the council elections are held next year.

From John Grant Ross to local councillor Darren Grimwade


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Planning Application for 11 Bergman Street, Samford Village QLD 4520

Description: Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Multiple Dwelling

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