Planning application at 11 Hilda Avenue, Boronia VIC 3155

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Jackson Taylor
Peggy Poon
Planning application at 11 Hilda Avenue, Boronia VIC 3155
Aug. 20, 2018, 4:44 p.m.
Protection of privacy from overlooking
My unit is build at a lower level then Number 11 because the street is in the slope. Therefore when a double storey dwelling is build. My bedroom and backyard will fully open to the 2 storey unit they are going to build.
Potential loss of sunlight (especially in winter) and overshadowing
My bedroom, kitchen and backyard are all facing east. If a 2 storey unit build next to my house. Therefore the morning sunlight can be block by their building.
Where as the morning sun will keep the house warm in winter. loss of sunlight or overshadowing can potential increase energy cost to keep my house warm in winter.
Where overshadowing and loss of sunlight in my garden area could increase the chance for higher humidity around my house. Which can lead to different big issues:
• Termite which love moisture and they are bad for house
• Fungus also love moisture and less sunlight area, which can have an negative effect on health
For potential lost of sunlight or overshadowing for my backyard garden and bedroom area.
• Lack of sunlight mean reduce the time which sunlight can travel into my bedroom therefore the room can become more cool and higher moisture during winter. Vitamin D can only be gain by sunlight naturally.
• Insist of a view of the sky during day or night. We will be looking at the two storey building when try to have any outdoor activity
• I don’t believe I can even grow any Aussie loved backyard Lemon tree to grow, any flower or even small herb garden.
Residential Character
• If a two storey unit is build at number 11 Hilda Ave Boronia. This look totally out of the street character. None of the house or unit alone Hilda Ave are two storey.
• Once a 2 storey building is build. More two storey building application and 2 storey might get approve. Which make this street overcrowded and become a high density living area. This might also lead to Traffic congestion, lack of car parking and increase in noise.
Lost of vegetation
Removal of trees and bushes when they build the new unit as per the application. Therefore possibility will damage the retaining wall between the two properties. Because Hilda ave is in a slope and my unit is build lower the number 11 Hilda ave.

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Planning Application for 11 Hilda Avenue, Boronia VIC 3155

Description: Development of the land for one (1) double storey dwelling and one (1) single storey dwelling (total two (2) dwellings) and removal of vegetation

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