Planning application at 11 Hinkler Ave Caringbah 2229

Greg Bamford sent a message to Peter W Scaysbrook.

Peter W Scaysbrook
Greg Bamford
Planning application at 11 Hinkler Ave Caringbah 2229
Sept. 1, 2016, 2:29 a.m.
Clearly our shire in regard to development is out of control and no-one in authority appears to be concerned or supportive of community disgust. I do not trust those in authority to at least consider the rate payers. You only have to look at the recent ICAC report regarding developers and decision makers to see it can be so open to corruption. Meanwhile the stakeholders, that is the community are being abandoned.

From Greg Bamford to local councillor Peter W Scaysbrook


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Planning Application for 11 Hinkler Ave Caringbah 2229

Description: Demolition of existing structures, construction of a 6 storey mixed use building containing 22 residential units, 2 storeys of health services facilities and 3 levels of basement carparking

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