Planning application at 11 Hinkler Ave Caringbah 2229

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Carol Provan
rob nixon
Planning application at 11 Hinkler Ave Caringbah 2229
Aug. 31, 2016, 12:56 a.m.
Once again,
What about infrastructure , roads & access , electricity & sewerage can our supply handle all these developments . Parks & sporting facilities & street parking . Council is already making huge profits on an overloaded problem because residents don't use their garages therefore people can't find sufficient parking.
In the last 15years we lost from Caringbah 1 primary school & 1 high school, these areas to development.
Yes progress must go ahead BUT !!! when will we have the right to say Enough is Enough . The developers don't have to worry as the money they are raking in means they can live wherever they choose .
I am certain if you put all this out for the community to have a vote people will agree & listen to what people are trying to say.

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Planning Application for 11 Hinkler Ave Caringbah 2229

Description: Demolition of existing structures, construction of a 6 storey mixed use building containing 22 residential units, 2 storeys of health services facilities and 3 levels of basement carparking

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