Planning application at 1146 Frankston Flinders Road, Somerville, VIC

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Bev Colomb
Tanya Pascoe
Planning application at 1146 Frankston Flinders Road, Somerville, VIC
Feb. 5, 2019, 4:57 a.m.
This house is over 100 years old, why it is not heritage listed is beyond me and a case of gross neglect. Everyone who has grown up in Somerville during the past 100 years has loved this house, which is evident whenever the Somerville, Tyabb and District Heritage Society posts something about it on Facebook. There is always an out pouring of love and concern for it’s up keep and stories of parents and grandparents visiting and loving this house.
To have this house demolished would be like demolishing the soul of the town. It should be heritage listed and restored, not removed and replaced by generic soulless units. There is already plenty of them around.

From Tanya Pascoe to local councillor Bev Colomb


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Planning Application for 1146 Frankston Flinders Road, Somerville, VIC

Description: The development of four (4) dwellings, altering access to a road zone category 1 and associated works generally in accordance with the submitted plans

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