Planning application at 116 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057

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Dale Martin
Joanna Stanley
Planning application at 116 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057
Oct. 26, 2018, 3:10 a.m.
Moreland has scheduled the PI meeting for this for next Wednesday 31st Oct on the night of the Edward Halloween street party. All the participants (who are objectors and nearby residents) are busy with the annual event because so many visitors to Halloween come from other suburbs we need to be on the ball to keep everyone safe.

The proposed development is the worst design I have seen in years. It is dubbed the Tooth Pick Coloseum for its collection of unique style and sized arches on the facade. The green is all wash, and this will be a sorry and sad addition to the famous Green Mile (quickly becoming a wind tunnel!). And I have seen many buildings as you know from my resident advocacy in VCAT. If anyone else can not make the 31 Oct meeting at Coburg Town Hall, please drop me a note at 198 Edward. I have requested another time to meet planners/applicants.

From Joanna Stanley to local councillor Dale Martin


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Planning Application for 116 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Description: Construction of an 8-storey building comprising 5 retail premises, 1 restaurant and 47 dwellings and use of the site for accommodation (dwellings)

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