Planning application at 12 Bank St, Meadowbank, NSW

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Jerome Laxale
Joanne Peters
Planning application at 12 Bank St, Meadowbank, NSW
Sept. 21, 2017, 1:34 a.m.
I own a unit adjoining the rear of this property whereby the owner has requested for an easement to be created on our property as a solution to their stormwater issue. Added to the questionable logic (not to mention the huge inconvenience) behind this request which simply moves the water (and potential for stormwater flooding) from their street to ours, the Meadow Crescent/Bank Street precinct reached population capacity some time ago and the replacement of a single dwelling into one that provides for 48 will add an exponential burden to a community that is already stretched. It's also sad to see another old house knocked down and the last remaining land space in Bank Street being consumed by yet another unit block.

From Joanne Peters to local councillor Jerome Laxale


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Planning Application for 12 Bank St, Meadowbank, NSW

Description: Demolition of existing Structures & Construction of a 4 Storey, 48 Room Boarding House

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