Planning application at 12 Barker Street, Cheltenham, VIC

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Rosemary West
Joy Knox
Planning application at 12 Barker Street, Cheltenham, VIC
Nov. 1, 2017, 10:53 p.m.
I live in Barker Street and with recent developments in Hall Street and Barker Street and more to come egress and ingress is already a problem due to reduced parking requirements in the new developments. We are already reduced to one lane. Once new developments begin and construction of the new rail crossings, construction workers and resident parking, it will be impossible to get in and out.
I have lived here for over 30 years, many of my neighbors have felt forced to sell to the developers because their neighbors have sold or because of developments which over shadow their properties. It was a great place to live because of it's proximity to Southland, public transport and the local shopping strip, which is why the developers have moved in.
There has been no improvements to the infrastructure due to the increase in the number of residents now living in a very small area.
I understand the need for development, but there has been no consideration for the amenity of the area or residents who wish to remain.

From Joy Knox to local councillor Rosemary West


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Planning Application for 12 Barker Street, Cheltenham, VIC

Description: Subdivide the Land into Nineteen (19) Lots

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