Planning application at 12 Barker Street, Cheltenham, VIC

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Steve Staikos
Planning application at 12 Barker Street, Cheltenham, VIC
Nov. 1, 2017, 11:52 a.m.
according to <> this property has an area of 561sqm. With the new Victorian planning laws released earlier this year, there is no longer a cap on the number of dwellings on a single lot (you can read more details on this site
However, there are some increased restrictions, such as 'blocks 501-600sqm will need 30 per cent garden space' (typically including boundary setbacks), which leaves roughly 392sqm to squeeze apartments on. It is possible to build up to 9m above natural ground level / 2 storeys in this zone, or 11m / 3 storeys on the north side of Barker street GRZ, and 13.5m in some areas RGZ, (you can review the zone map on landchecker if you setup a free account).
A single storey of a building is usually 3-3.5m from floor to floor, garages are ~2.5-3m, roof decks can fit in 1-1.7m. Given it is a fairly flat site, they will probably need a basement for carparking, and with the Better Apartment Guidelines released recently (, it is hard to see how they will get so many onto such an average size block, though without being able to view the plans it's hard to know.
The reduced amenity, especially street parking is almost certainly going to be dire, given most people who have offstreet parking use it for storage and park on the street instead, (Per 2011 Census, in the City of Kingston there is an average 2.4 persons and 2.9 cars per dwelling, yet the planning department insists street parking is not an issue, Add to that it is a narrow street, with many high density developments likely to start in this area.
Clearly this development is entirely against the spirit of recent state planning legislation, but the developer is likely aiming for a swift rejection by council, so they can go straight to VCAT and avoid the most lengthy, and inefficient part of the planning process, which more often than not overlooks many planning issues and conditions (that local government would raise) and avoids dealing with most neighbourhood concerns.
My advice, if you live in this part of Kingston is to sell, because the outlook is pretty bleak.

From Rodriguez to local councillor Steve Staikos


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Planning Application for 12 Barker Street, Cheltenham, VIC

Description: Subdivide the Land into Nineteen (19) Lots

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Steve Staikos
Nov. 1, 2017, 11:56 p.m.
Hi Astrid & Rodriguez, I have been asked to provide you with a response to your query regarding 12 Barker Street in Cheltenham.

Please be advised that a development at No's 12 and 14 Barker Street, comprising 19 dwellings within a 4 storey apartment building, plus a basement, was approved by Council earlier this year. The site is located within an Activity Centre Zone pursuant to the Kingston Planning Scheme. The proposal was advertised and 3 objections were received. Accordingly, a Planning Consultation meeting was organised and held with the objectors, the applicant, Ward Councillor(s) and officers attending. Some matters were resolved as a result of this process and one of the objections was withdrawn. After fully considering the application, Council issued a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit for the proposal on 21 July 2017. There were no appeals lodged and after the required time, Council issued a Planning Permit for the proposal on 29 August 2017.

The building has a height of approximately 13 metres, is fully compliant with on-site car parking requirements and is consistent with other similar and approved developments within the Activity Centre Zone. This area is one that has and is changing, primarily allowing for a wider range of housing types to increase housing diversity and to cater for the changing needs of current and future populations and is encouraged within activity centres, subject to appropriate design.

Hope this information is of assistance.

Regards, Ian Nice.

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