Planning application at 12 Comlaroi St Urunga NSW 2

Jacinta O'Brien sent a message to Gordon Manning.

Gordon Manning
Jacinta O'Brien
Planning application at 12 Comlaroi St Urunga NSW 2
Sept. 26, 2016, 12:17 a.m.
How is it legal to subdivide land when the planning permission for the granny flat was done under the affordable housing policy? Ceases to be affordable housing in every way and prevents the owners from having to go through the proper planning approval process they would have had to undertake instead of the expedited process for a secondary dwelling.

As a dwelling it will no longer to be subject to restrictions on future development and will forever change the look, feel and lifestyle of local residents.

My parents live next to this monstrosity and it has already had an impact how they go about their every day activities. They're completely overlooked and regularly inconvenienced by visitors to the property who park willy nilly all over Coopers Lane because there is nowhere to park wholly within the property.

I will be making sure my parents lodge their own objection to this application.

From Jacinta O'Brien to local councillor Gordon Manning


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Planning Application for 12 Comlaroi St Urunga NSW 2

Description: Change of Use (Secondary Dwelling to Dwelling) and Subdivision (to create 1 additional lot)

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