Planning application at 12 Drake Street, Mornington, VIC

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Julie Edge
Planning application at 12 Drake Street, Mornington, VIC
Feb. 10, 2018, 11:57 p.m.
Good Morning,
I entirely agree with Ms Wilcox’s comments and am disappointed to see she has not received a response.
This building is showcased by its positioning and is an important example of Mornington’s architectural heritage. How it is allowed to be demolished as soon as next month is beyond me. If it was known to everyone who lives and visits Mornington I’m sure there would be more of a protest but, it appears there is no notice posted for public awareness.
Given the buildings central location offering charm to the area it is in, I wish there was a way to reverse the councils decision but I fear at this stage it’s imposible.

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Planning Application for 12 Drake Street, Mornington, VIC

Description: Development of two (2) double storey dwellings including associated works and vegetation removal generally in accordance with the submitted plans

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