Planning application at 1217-1219 Nepean Highway, Highett, VIC

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Rosemary West
Arkie Vee
Planning application at 1217-1219 Nepean Highway, Highett, VIC
June 30, 2017, 12:44 a.m.
It is appalling to hear what is proposed for that site. I share all Cheryl Follett's concerns for the integrity of the environment. It is pleasing to read both Ms Follett's and Rodriguez's comments. These are people who care - and are brave enough to speak out - without them we may be over-run with random inappropriate development. Apart from the parking issues, the thought of 36-plus garbage bins lining that street is nauseating. This slums concept is disgraceful for 1. the neighbours 2. the visual impact of the site and 3. for the poor souls who live in them.

From Arkie Vee to local councillor Rosemary West


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Planning Application for 1217-1219 Nepean Highway, Highett, VIC

Description: Develop the land for the construction of thirty-six (36) dwellings

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