Planning application at 123 Kremzow Road, Warner QLD 4500

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Mike Charlton
Mark Serisier
Planning application at 123 Kremzow Road, Warner QLD 4500
Oct. 10, 2018, 5:20 a.m.
This area is a main Koala area, the government has even erected signs up and down this road saying "watch out for Koalas" and yet you wipe out 90% of their habitat. where is the thought process here, or is just about money and you really don't care? This area was totally flattened, no trees left standing, what is you Koala management plan, do you have one? Where are the wildlife corridors, they don't exist with out trees and green space. What do you have planed to limit the stress on the Koalas during construction? What impact study have you done on the Koala population during and after the construction?

From Mark Serisier to local councillor Mike Charlton


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Planning Application for 123 Kremzow Road, Warner QLD 4500

Description: Material Change of Use - Preliminary Approval that includes a Variation Request for Industry Zone to General Residential Zone (Next Generation Neighbourhood Precinct) - Warner Investigation Area

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