Planning application at 124-130 Russell Street Melbourne VIC 3000

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Cathy Oke
Julie Wolfenden
Planning application at 124-130 Russell Street Melbourne VIC 3000
Sept. 5, 2018, 3:28 a.m.
I am incredulous that this distinctive part of Melbourne's landscape is to be demolished for the benefit of yet another ugly project designed to fill the pockets of greedy land developers who don't care a pinch about Melbourne. Why are we allowing this to happen to our special City? Like a flock of stupid sheep we stand by and watch our beautiful old buildings pulled down for profit. We clearly cannot rely on the Melbourne City Council to defend Melbourne's heritage. We will all live to regret this time of destruction.

From Julie Wolfenden to local councillor Cathy Oke


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Planning Application for 124-130 Russell Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Description: Demolition, buildings and works associated with the use of land for a residential building and reduction in bicycle parking and loading and unloading requirements

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