Planning application at 126 Union Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Celine F sent a message to Jane Addis.

Jane Addis
Celine F
Planning application at 126 Union Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127
May 30, 2018, 12:43 p.m.
Dear Jane

In the interest of transparency, I note that we had our conversation on Monday 14 May 2018.

I confirm that you are not aware of a Boroondara public toilet strategy at present. In light of this, I canvass my concerns again about Boroondara Council not having objective standards or proper guidance as to the need or location of a toilet.

I mentioned my disappointment with not having a proper process including a public consultation for necessity and/or location for the toilet, and you intimated that this may be the start of process for a public consultation.

Although I am heartened by that, you can understand my surprise as there is already a line item in the proposed Council budget for 2018/ 2019 of $209,000 for a public toilet in Surrey Hills Shopping Centre. Nevertheless, I will take your word for it that we are at the start of a process of proper consultation which will hopefully include more than one location for a proposed public toilet. I also referred you to the Ormond Road public toilet consultation which had almost 8 different proposed sites and the recent one in Alchester Village, Boronia which had 3 different sites.

We then had a discussion about locating the toilet at Surrey Gardens. I stated that Surrey Gardens being 1000m away from the next nearest public toilet at Hamilton Street, Mont Albert, was ideally situated as it maximized the catchment area for a toilet whilst still allowing both Surrey Gardens users and Surrey Hills shopping centre precinct users access to another public toilet.

As you can appreciate, there are no public toilets on the south side of Canterbury Road, between Warrigal Road and Highfield St, whereas the north side of Canterbury Road (where Croydon Road is located) is already serviced by 2 public toilets (Hamilton Street, Mont Albert - 700m away) and Surrey Hills Neighbourhood House (Union Road itself). There is also the Surrey Hills Station toilets. By locating the toilet in Surrey Gardens Council is ensuring that the south side of Canterbury Road users also has access to a public toilet whilst not depriving the shopping centre users on the north side of Canterbury Road of another public toilet if necessary.

I also pointed out that placing the toilet in Surrey Gardens would also allow Council to achieve its stated goals under Parks and Green Spaces, specifically strategy 2.5 in the Community Plan 2017 to 2027 which states that it is Council objective to increase and improve public amenities and facilities in open spaces to enhance functionality for a wider range of uses.

You stated, without even further consultation, that this was too far. I am somewhat surprised at this subjective statement, as I pointed out that a public toilet survey in Moreland has indicated that people are happy to walk between 2 to 5 minutes to locate a public toilet (100m to 400m) . A similar survey was recently (2017) carried out at Banyule with a similar outcome. Surrey Gardens is 100m away from the start of the shopping precinct and NO FURTHER than 400m away to the END of the shopping precinct.

We did not discuss Bryson Street toilets nor Naturestrip guidelines.

Finally, I emphasized the need for a genuine public consultation based on a current public toilet strategy for Boroondara, assuming that a toilet is firstly necessary. A public consultation that canvasses options for the community to consider, with complete transparency about the various safety and amenity implications of each location in order for the community to make an informed decision

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Planning Application for 126 Union Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Description: Post RequestBuildings and works to construct a supermarket (including a fence, awning and road works) pursuant to Clauses 34.01-4, 43.01-1, 43.02-2 and 44.05-1; Externally alter a building; and full and partial demolition of the existing buildings.

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Best wishes,

Jane Addis
June 4, 2018, 11:21 a.m.
Hello Celine
I think the only point you raise that has not already been answered relates to the question of whether there is a demonstrated need/desire for a public toilet.

I understand that the driver and need for this project has arisen from community consultation regarding the Surrey Hills Village, and is accepted by Council as a legitimate need to be addressed.

Council will continue to work with the community and stakeholders in seeking to find an appropriate location for the facility that best aligns with the range of views on this matter.

Jane Addis
Councillor Maling Ward

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