Planning application at 126 Union Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127

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Jane Addis
R O'Donnell
Planning application at 126 Union Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127
June 5, 2018, 11:50 p.m.
Hello Jane,
In your response to Celine F you state: "I understand that the driver and need for this project has arisen from community consultation regarding the Surrey Hills Village, and is accepted by Council as a legitimate need to be addressed"

For the following reasons I do not believe the justification for an automated public toilet in Surrey Hills Village has been demonstrated by Council:

1. I understand Boroondara Council is yet to complete its Public Toilet Strategy (PTS).

2. Given the significant capital ($209K) and ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs
associated with an automated public toilet, it’s reasonable to expect a PTS would require a NEEDS-BASED assessment to determine if one is required in a locality.

3. A needs-based assessment is:
a. Objective - its considered parameters are clearly understood and underpin the PTS
b. Measurable - quantifiable (e.g. existing number of toilets, distances, visitors, events)
c. Independent - removes any conflict of interest
d. Transparent - decision making process is clear to all stakeholders
e. Fiscally responsible - ensures accountability for public expenditures
f. Fair to all stakeholders - outcome is more able to be accepted, fosters harmony
g. Essential for good governance - creates confidence in Council’s decision making processes

4. To my knowledge, a needs-based assessment has not been undertaken for another public toilet in Surrey Hills Village.

5. Community responses to an outdated 2010 draft Shopping Centre Improvement Plan for Surrey Hills Village and a general statement (by yourself) that Council aims to provide a public toilet in all medium/large shopping centres has been given as justification:
a. This fails good governance and understates the importance for stakeholders.
b. Surrey Hills Village is a small shopping centre.
c. Cafes & restaurants which provide their own toilets are the predominant business activity.
d. A "cookie cutter" approach devalues the unique & distinguishing characteristics of Surrey Hills Village.

6. Visitors to Surrey Hills Village already have access to multiple public toilets:
a. Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre (open weekdays)
b. Surrey Hills Train Station (open 4:50am – midnight Sun-Thurs, open 24 hours on Fri & Sat)
c. Local cafes and restaurants (open until late)
d. There are at least 12 businesses which provide toilet facilities for their customers.

7. With few exceptions, most businesses north of the railway line provide toilet facilities for patrons during their hours of operation.

8. There are 3 take-away food outlets south of the railway line. In the evening, any demand for toilet facilities from patrons of these TAKE-AWAY food outlets can be met by using toilets at the Surrey Hills train station.

It is fiscally irresponsible for Boroondara Council to proceed in the absence of a needs-based assessment.

From R O'Donnell to local councillor Jane Addis


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Planning Application for 126 Union Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Description: Post RequestBuildings and works to construct a supermarket (including a fence, awning and road works) pursuant to Clauses 34.01-4, 43.01-1, 43.02-2 and 44.05-1; Externally alter a building; and full and partial demolition of the existing buildings.

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