Planning application at 126 Union Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127

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Cynthia Watson
Bridget Larkin
Planning application at 126 Union Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127
Nov. 27, 2017, 3:16 a.m.
I also am surprised! The Union Rd front wall was supported by structure as I understood it was to be retained; suddenly it’s been demolished. Why?

The tree too! Why was it removed? Our neighbourhood values both structures and environment - the developers seem to be on a mission to erode both.

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Planning Application for 126 Union Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Description: Post RequestBuildings and works to construct a supermarket (including a fence, awning and road works) pursuant to Clauses 34.01-4, 43.01-1, 43.02-2 and 44.05-1; Externally alter a building; and full and partial demolition of the existing buildings.

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