Planning application at 1/3-13 High Road Bethania QLD 4205

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Cherie Dalley
Marion MacLeod
Planning application at 1/3-13 High Road Bethania QLD 4205
Nov. 12, 2018, 5:02 a.m.
Attention Councillor Cherie Dalley I live 1.3klm from where this proposed crematorium is to be placed I find it hard to comprehend why you would pass the application for this type of business this close to residential and shops on a busy road. And why the community were not informed, many of the local residents, schools and businesses had no idea that this type of business would be going in our area without consulting or informing the locals.

From Marion MacLeod to local councillor Cherie Dalley


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Planning Application for 1/3-13 High Road Bethania QLD 4205

Description: Crematorium, Caretakers Residence and Advertising Device

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