Planning application at 1/3-13 High Road Bethania QLD 4205

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Cherie Dalley
Gordon Simmonds
Planning application at 1/3-13 High Road Bethania QLD 4205
Dec. 3, 2018, 4:08 a.m.
This development should NOT proceed under any circumstances !
It defies common sense - These people need to be treated with respect - they have all been a part of this community for decades worked their whole lives . They need to have a nice relaxing (physically AND mentally ) place to live -
It is not fair -
This should not just be a case of " look at the planning rules " this should be approached with care and compassion - not from a book of black and white rules -
The people reviewing this application need to imagine themselves in the position of the Palm lake pensioners - how would they feel ?

I truly hope common sense prevails -

From Gordon Simmonds to local councillor Cherie Dalley


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Planning Application for 1/3-13 High Road Bethania QLD 4205

Description: Crematorium, Caretakers Residence and Advertising Device

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