Planning application at 13 Corella Rd Kirrawee 2232

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Phil Blight
Planning application at 13 Corella Rd Kirrawee 2232
Sept. 11, 2016, 5:22 a.m.
I sit and look on and see this house just about to be torn down. What a shame! This beautiful road will not be the same. Feeling sorry and angry with our council. Build villas not townhouses that intrude. Let the shire be an area for homes of families not one with over development! 6 months of construction here we come to build these ghastly townhouses. Disgusting that this is allowed! How dare you council allow this! Think about the homes and families that have been the neighbours and how you are going to destroy their lives. Shame on you council!!!!!!!!!!

From Sharon to local councillor Phil Blight


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Planning Application for 13 Corella Rd Kirrawee 2232

Description: Demolition of existing structures and construction of four townhouses

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