Planning application at 13 Dampier Court Endeavour Hills  , VIC

GREG HALLEY sent a message to Rosalie Crestani.

Rosalie Crestani
Planning application at 13 Dampier Court Endeavour Hills  , VIC
April 10, 2019, 1:41 p.m.
Dear Casey Property_Planners,Please Reject this Permit based ON that the Long Term Rate Payers 39Years++ That Pay your Salaries & Believe in the Professional Planning of the City of Casey. PS:- have you looked at the Congestion of Rate Payers Roads in the City of Casey REALLY????????????????????
Hence the Redevelopment of Housing & Lovey Streets is being destroyed by the City of Casey & Vic Roads,JUST LOOK AT THE MESS YOU ALLREADY HAVE CASEY!!!!!!
The Overloading of Infrastructure for the sake of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in Building Permits & rates!!!
Lest Care about "City of Casey Planners" Not just the Dollars & Cents for Speculators that dont live in the area!!!
Number 13 Dampier Court is Typical over Stressing of Infar_structures in the City of Casey!! Where are the Cars going coming & going too Casey/VicRoads(Dont Care)!!
As this Properties Re-Design & Expansion of 13a to> 13b was Rejected by Council & Rate Payers in the last Five Years at least Once Done & Dusted & Here we go again!!
Casey Rate Payers of 39 Years Plus Not Listened too Yet again!!
State Elections are coming Up 24/11/2018 Whatch Out Councillors Rate Payers Vote!!

From GREG HALLEY to local councillor Rosalie Crestani


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Planning Application for 13 Dampier Court Endeavour Hills  , VIC

Description: Alterations and Additions to an Existing Dwelling and Development of a Second Dwelling

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