Planning application at 13 Dumbarton Av Edwardstown

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Nick Kerry
Kym Beard
Planning application at 13 Dumbarton Av Edwardstown
July 2, 2017, 12:39 a.m.
I refer again to the Northern Policy Area 13 minimum site dimensions as being 250m2 for row dwellings in this area. This application for subdivision only comes to 175m2 per new allotment, this surely can't be approved and hopefully these applications will stop being submitted, as that's not even remotely close to the minimum site dimensions. Please consider how this may affect more applications being lodged like this if approved.
Concerned Resident

From Kym Beard to local councillor Nick Kerry


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Planning Application for 13 Dumbarton Av Edwardstown

Description: Four row dwellings comprising three two storey dwellings and one single storey dwelling. Torrens divison of one allotment to create four including reciprocal party wall rights

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