Planning application at 13 Ross Avenue, The Basin VIC 3154

Amy Lester sent a message to John Mortimore.

John Mortimore
Amy Lester
Planning application at 13 Ross Avenue, The Basin VIC 3154
Dec. 24, 2017, 1:37 a.m.
Trees on the council's protected list should be retained, and removal not permitted where the trees do not unreasonably prevent building of residential dwellings on the property.
Please ensure that the established liquid amber on 13 Ross Ave is protected in line with council's own requirements, and removal of this tree prevented throughout the course of building development at this address.
Please help us to retain the appeal of The Basin by maintaining the established, protected tree species where possible.

From Amy Lester to local councillor John Mortimore


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Planning Application for 13 Ross Avenue, The Basin VIC 3154

Description: Single dwelling and removal of vegetation

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