Planning application at 13 Ross Avenue, The Basin VIC 3154

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John Mortimore
Ian & Julie Jago
Planning application at 13 Ross Avenue, The Basin VIC 3154
Dec. 20, 2017, 12:04 p.m.
The Basin is a pocket of beauty in Knox as it has a number of majestic deciduous trees. The property of 13 Ross Avenue, The Basin is such an address where there is a beautiful Liquid Amber which comes under the council list of protected trees. During autumn, this tree is especially spectacular and brings delight to the many residents and visitors to The Basin. We request that this tree continues to be protected and be exempt from any vegetation removal order. Its position would not encroach on any building works since it near the bottom corner of the property and there is no need for this tree to be removed. Since this tree is on your protected tree list and because of the beauty of this tree, it's removal is completely unnecessary.

From Ian & Julie Jago to local councillor John Mortimore


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Planning Application for 13 Ross Avenue, The Basin VIC 3154

Description: Single dwelling and removal of vegetation

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