Planning application at 132 South Street Centenary Heights QLD 4350

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Paul Antonio
Leanne Kratzmann
Planning application at 132 South Street Centenary Heights QLD 4350
Dec. 25, 2017, 11:11 p.m.
This area of South Toowoomba is already a traffic and parking hazard and one where the safety of children should be paramount. Access to this property from South or Ramsay is highly compromised by heavy traffic on both streets and the nearby bus stop provides another danger for cars leaving or entering this property. If council would bother to investigate the current bottlenecks in this area they would be aware of numerous issues : parking in Cranley St has turned it into a one way street, Zama Yoga provides minimum parking for their clients so through traffic on Ramsay St is often hindered and childcare centre staff staff parking on South and Geddes Streets makes the nearby roundabout dangerous. When will this council use some forward thinking in their development applications and consider the long term impacts on the liveability of 'the garden city'?

From Leanne Kratzmann to local councillor Paul Antonio


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Planning Application for 132 South Street Centenary Heights QLD 4350

Description: Child Care Centre

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