Planning application at 137-157 Adderley Street West Melbourne VIC 3003

Jacqueline Kalab sent a message to Hon Robert Doyle.

Hon Robert Doyle
Jacqueline Kalab
Planning application at 137-157 Adderley Street West Melbourne VIC 3003
Aug. 25, 2017, 1:21 p.m.
Planning and Environment Act 1987

Who is objecting?
Name Jacqueline Kalab
Postal Address 1/123-125 Stanley St West Melbourne
Post Code 3003

What Planning Permit Application are you objecting to?
Address 137-157 Adderley Street West Melbourne VIC 3003
Application No. TP-2017-395

What are the reasons for your objection?
Note: Your objection should state how the proposal will affect you and should relate to matters relevant to the proposed use or development.

1. The proposal is an over development of the site.

2. The proposal is contrary to the design objectives contained in State Panning Framework Clause 15.01 – 1 Urban Design as the scale, massing, design and architectural expression of the proposed building is not appropriate to the features of the site and surrounds and therefore the development will not contribute to a safe, functional and good quality environment.

3. The height, scale, massing and design detail of the development will result is a building which will dominate the surrounding streetscapes and is not in keeping the character of the area and fails to comply the objectives 22.17 and clause 43.02.

4. The proposal is contrary to Clause 43.02 Schedule 29 (Design and Development Overlay 29) of the Melbourne panning Scheme in that the development does not respect the scale of and provide transition to, adjoining lower scale heritage buildings. This is one of Melbourne’s last remaining heritage areas and this type of development absolutely impacts on that in a most negative way.

5. The proposal fails to consider the potential development opportunities of the adjoining sites to the North and therefore does not allow equitable development.

6. The internal amenity of some of the proposed apartments is poor in terms of access to light, natural ventilation, open space and functionality.

7. Having regard to the density of the development the proposal provides for insufficient visitor and resident car parking and parking layout is unsatisfactory. It is already almost impossible to get a park in our own street. Very often we have to park many streets away

8. Proposal provides insufficient bicycle parking.

9. The previous application for an 8 story development was denied on the 6th of May 2016

From Jacqueline Kalab to local councillor Hon Robert Doyle


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Planning Application for 137-157 Adderley Street West Melbourne VIC 3003

Description: Proposed demolition of building, construction of 10 storey apartment building with reduced parking requirements

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