Planning application at 14 - 16 Cungena Av Park Holme

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Jerome Appleby
David Thomas Nitschke
Planning application at 14 - 16 Cungena Av Park Holme
June 7, 2017, 2:21 a.m.
The tree in question is one of only two large gum trees remaining on the block bounded by Marion Road, Cungena Ave, Bowaka Ave, and Wallala Ave. It is home to magpies, possums, lorikeets, and other birds. It is also frequented by a Boobook owl (Mopoke).
The removal of this significant gum tree would reduce shade, and the amenity created by attracting and supporting local bird life. The removal of this significant tree would also contribute to the warming effect through loss of shade and the absorbtion of less carbon dioxide. I ask that this tree be saved for future generations to enjoy.

From David Thomas Nitschke to local councillor Jerome Appleby


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Planning Application for 14 - 16 Cungena Av Park Holme

Description: Row Dwelling Two Storey

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