Planning application at 14 Clapham Street Balwyn VIC 3103

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Cynthia Watson
Erin Carrington
Planning application at 14 Clapham Street Balwyn VIC 3103
April 30, 2019, 10:04 a.m.
Not only will ten residences not fit on this block, there are an enormous number of properties in the Balwyn area that remain uninhabited because they have been bought for development, and no one wants to live in the frankly revolting new houses being built to replace the charming houses that are a signature of this area. There are a ridiculous number of vacant blocks scattered through the surrounding streets where the developers ran out of money and were not able to complete their builds. What's to stop that from happening here?
Many of the blocks that now contain numerous dwellings are either totally uninhabited, or the people that do end up renting them do not stay for very long at all. This knock-down and others like it are destroying the area beyond repair.
Not only do I wish to protest this proposed build, but I would very much like to protest the tearing down of this beautiful residence to begin with. It's a stunning home much beloved by its current renters and by the old owners, and if it were put up for sale again (not to developers) it would become a cherished family home once more. I would much rather see families moving into the area than have it turned into an empty area with no inhabitants and no soul.
Is there any way to prevent it being torn down? Tearing it down is not sound environmentally, will be incredibly disruptive to the neighbours and the quality of the street, and will be replaced by poorly designed tear-downs in their own right.

From Erin Carrington to local councillor Cynthia Watson


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Planning Application for 14 Clapham Street Balwyn VIC 3103

Description: Construction of ten (10) dwellings on a lot

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