Planning application at 14 Halyard Way, Belmont NSW 2280

Allen and Patricia Gates sent a message to Kay Fraser.

Kay Fraser
Allen and Patricia Gates
Planning application at 14 Halyard Way, Belmont NSW 2280
Sept. 13, 2016, 2:59 a.m.

Re: 14 HALYARD WAY, BELMONT DA-1443/2016

We strongly object to the proposed 'Seniors housing / Retirement village' being developed at 14 Halyard Way, Belmont. In November 2014 we purchased our current residence at 11 The Maindeck, Belmont due to the serenity, surrounding bushland, birdlife and outlook of the property, being of retirement age we would definitely find a forced move to relocate because of the proximity of this development to our residence extremely difficult. The area (bushland) at the rear of our property is used by ourselves, and other locals, to enjoy a quiet walk through the bush with our grandchildren (who being from a totally residential suburb without bushland) find the area extremely educational and peaceful. Another concern would be the access in and out of this development with the local streets already being too narrow for larger vehicles, currently when entering and leaving if a resident (or visitor) is parked on the street in front of their property it is required to drive on the other side of the roadway to pass, larger vehicles in the area would be a recipe for disaster of families (with young children) living in the local streets. We invite anyone with interest in this development to come and see the number of birds (on a daily basis) that come to our backyard or just sit on our back fence, has it been considered at all about where they may relocate to after their home territory is destroyed by development and noise!!!

From Allen and Patricia Gates to local councillor Kay Fraser


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Planning Application for 14 Halyard Way, Belmont NSW 2280

Description: Seniors Housing

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Kay Fraser
Sept. 15, 2016, 12:01 a.m.
Dear Allen and Patricia
Thank you for your email and I will forward your objection to the assessing officer to make sure your views are taken into account.
Kind regards

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