Planning application at 14 Irvine Crescent, Brunswick West VIC 3055

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Samantha Ratnam
Planning application at 14 Irvine Crescent, Brunswick West VIC 3055
Nov. 22, 2016, 8:32 p.m.
This is a thin street, where car parking and congestion is already a problem. While the Moreland approach to urban density along main transport corridors sounds excellent in theory, thought must be given to liveability. People will continue to own cars in this area - the public transport and bike paths simply aren't good enough, or safe enough, to do without. This means that congestion and parking will become a huge issue as developments like this continue to be approved at such an incredible rate. Developers who have made, and are making, such incredible profit from our neighbourhoods, communities and homes should be required to add to the amenity, rather than bit by bit, destroying it.

From CathyB to local councillor Samantha Ratnam


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Planning Application for 14 Irvine Crescent, Brunswick West VIC 3055

Description: Construction of nine (9) triple storey dwellings and a reduction of the standard resident parking requirement.

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