Planning application at 14 Lovett Street Thornleigh NSW 2120 Australia

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Nick Berman
C. Gregson
Planning application at 14 Lovett Street Thornleigh NSW 2120 Australia
July 22, 2017, 5:08 a.m.
I wish to submit my concern that this proposed development of a 2-storey house (plus basement) plus a separate granny flat appears to be way over-sized for this very small subdivided remaining vacant lot of only 362.6 sq m!
Isn't the minimum permitted lot size for a dwelling house & granny flat 450 sq metres?

The 1st floor setbacks are also non-complying being only about half of the HDCP 8metre requirement!
The sloping roof eaves appear wider still, like sails,over-powering, only adding to the over-sized crammed look for this tiny lot!

Shadow diagrams do not seem to fully indicate how neighboring properties would be fully affected by shade.

Surely a small house with trees/landscaping would be more visually appealing & fit in more appropriately within the current home streetscape on this side of Lovett Street.

Providing affordable housing is great, but not at the expense of cramming in granny flats 'willy-nilly' on tiny sub-divided blocks - hence all the newly-zoned unit blocks currently being built in Thornleigh!

I submit this DA be rejected by Council on these grounds.

Also, I cannot see on Council's site online, under list of documents for this DA, a map indicating if any neighbouring properties have been advised at all of this application...?

(copy sent to Hornsby Council & Independent Local Member, Nick Berman)

From C. Gregson to local councillor Nick Berman


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Planning Application for 14 Lovett Street Thornleigh NSW 2120 Australia

Description: Residential - Single New Dwelling - Dwelling House - Secondary Dwelling - Granny Flat

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