Planning application at 144 Witmack Road Wellcamp QLD 4350

Cecil and Jodi Watt sent a message to Carol Taylor.

Carol Taylor
Cecil and Jodi Watt
Planning application at 144 Witmack Road Wellcamp QLD 4350
July 6, 2018, 8:32 a.m.
As a resident living in and on Gowrie Mountain I strongly disagree with this proposal.
1.Some our concerns are the environmental impact on the mountain and any 2. potential run of water or other rock slides onto our block from said development. 3. Potential eyesore and impact on our house price when we choose to sell . Our sweeping views and peaceful setting we did not buy here to look at solar panels or other ugly infrastructure. As a rate payer I am very disgusted with this proposal.
I hope the small people’s views are taken into consideration on this matter and I am not just wasting my time.
Cecil and Jodi Watt Lot 65 RP137898

P.S I would submit a photo of said views and peaceful setting but your system does not allow it.

From Cecil and Jodi Watt to local councillor Carol Taylor


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Planning Application for 144 Witmack Road Wellcamp QLD 4350

Description: Special Industry and Renewable Energy Facility

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