Planning application at 1479 Pacific Highway, Warrawee, NSW

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Duncan McDonald
Planning application at 1479 Pacific Highway, Warrawee, NSW
July 9, 2017, 8:15 p.m.
The development needs careful planning and consultation with residents prior to approval. There are safety considerations for hospital traffic including emergency vehicles and resident traffic. The area is already congested and adding parents dropping off and picking up small children will be a safety issue. A traffic study should be submitted that accurately records the volumes of traffic and details recommendations for safe and adequate parking and exit and entrance to the traffic zones.

Child care centres increase vehicles with the parents dropping off and picking up. This will cause additional stress on an already busy intersection. Parents will be slowing down to park as close to the corner to pick up children. This will create frustration for other drivers.

Quiet intersections or streets are preferable locations for child care centres because of reduced traffic in turn reducing risk of accident to parents and children. Parents can slow down to get the best spot or wait outside the driveway for a vehicle to exit the provided parking area before driving in to park. This cannot be facilitated on the Parkway or Fox Valley Rd because of the proximity to the busy traffic light intersection and traffic volumes.

Building a child care centre on a busy arterial road would not be a healthy environment for young lungs with a high level of pollution in the air. Playing outside with heavy traffic and sirens whilst breathing in the high levels of pollution is not an ideal environment for growing children.

A better location to build a child care centre that will give the children healthy clean air and a peaceful quiet environment should be found.

From D.Greenfield to local councillor Duncan McDonald


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Planning Application for 1479 Pacific Highway, Warrawee, NSW

Description: Modification to DA0190/16 - Construct an 88 place child care centre including parking - heritage conservation area

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